What is Web Design? We call Web Design all the services of creating websites, such as, the web page layout, the production and insertion of content, and the graphic design itself. It is quite common the terms Web Design and Web Development be used in an analogous way, however, web design is a subset of the broader category of web development.

Here at i22, our customers’ websites are developed using WordPress, a management platform responsible for 26% of internet websites. All of our web design projects follow a structured process that allows us to execute everything within the stipulated time and budget.

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Basically, we can define Visual Identity as the “way” that a company wants to be perceived by his customers. It is through visual identity that a brand strives to communicate clearly with the target audience.

Brand´s identity is a pretty combination of the message that will be send through brand, logo, style and visual.

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Development of customized systems and applications for the main operational challenges of your company.

Investing in a system for your needs can significantly increase the operational efficiency of your business and improve your margins. After we understand and thoroughly analyze your business needs, we present a unique solution. We deliver highly qualified products that respect project scope, term and budget.

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