Website developed for Carpus Travel Management

Carpus specializes in Travel Management. It aimed to optimize its Digital Presence, with a modern Website that met the expectations of its audience. To help them to make it real, our team carried out the development with a “One Page” layout model. In it, the various menus lead to only one page through one-way scrolling!

This layout model aims to show everything that should be displayed to highlight all content of the site in one goal, without needing to “walk through” several different pages. By clicking the top-level menus, customers navigate the scrolling of the page itself, not new pages. However, the Carpus website doesn’t summarize submits to the single scroll page.

There is also a sidebar menu. In it, it is possible to have access to several options, which open as pop-up. There are options like “Easy Booking Login”, “Quick Quote”, check-in applications, useful links, leisure and even send your resume if you are interested in joining the Carpus team. Now, planning your travels has become much simpler! The website has information about all the services provided by the company, and also, options to help your trip!

“The service is impeccable, the i22 team is agile, attentive and very competent, the final result was above expectations, and the cost was very affordable.” – Concludes Gustavo Mousinho, Carpus Travel Management’s CEO

Galvão & Bernardes


Law Firm’s Responsive Website has been developed for Galvão and Bernardes successfuly.

The partners realized that to leverage their business, they needed to establish their digital presence. United in this project, the two also sought to get in touch with their customers and that they could have a greater proximity to them online. To give solutions to the wishes of the members, we’ve created a special page of “Client Area”. There, they can log in and have access to restricted information beyond the public website for visitors.

There is also a page related to the areas in which lawyers act. It serves to explain exactly how the partners work, so there is no more doubts. The site also has a blog. Thus, Galvão and Bernardes can keep their visitors and their clients always updated of the law’s universe. Many people have doubts whether lawyers may or may not have their own websites. The right answer is yes, but you must comply with all the established rules. We at i22, we care a lot about our customers. The website of the Law Society was fully developed within the standards of the OAB. Thus lawyers can rest assured about their Digital Presence.

Fitlab Store


Fashion Fitness Store’s website has been developed successfully by i22.

The FitLab Store’s website is an e-commerce (online commerce).There, customers can easily find the products they want because the website is all separated by categories, and thus visitors can browse more easily.

There is also a special launch page. This way, visitors can keep updated on the news that arrive in the virtual store. On the FitLab Store website, you can create your wishlist, and also feel safe about the payment methods in the store, as there is an extra menu in the footer of the whole site that shows how this works!

Visit its website:

Terra dos Cosméticos


Project developed for Terra dos Cosméticos

The Terra dos Cosméticos’ project was entirely developed by our team: from the visual identity, to the development of the Responsive Website.

In the visual identity’ project, the great idea was to link modernity and subtlety with a touch of elegance. The pink and purple colors of the brand express sensitivity and modernity. The brush that draws the name of the brand, brings direct reference to the branch that it acts: Cosmetics.

In the website development project, modernity and subtlety are not far behind! The site is an e-commerce (virtual store). There, visitors can choose their products and put in a cart. The homepage is showing the website’s news. There are also several menus that categorize products and a search bar within the site. This way, objective visitors can easily find the products they want.

The site also has a wish list and a blog. So, the store can keep your visitors always up to date on the cosmetics’ world! In the footer, there is information about the payment methods. This way, customers can feel more confident about the purchase.

Enjoyed it? Go to



Website developed for JB ARQ STUDIO.

JB ARQ STUDIO wanted to increase its digital presence, so, our team helped them with this mission.

The site was developed with a completely different and modern layout. Using the colors of the brand itself, the strong yellow and the dark gray give an air of strength and personality to the Website.

However, the difference is that the company website has a layout that has a side slider. From the Home Page to the Contact Form, the site is architecturally crafted. The site also has a page specially Portfolio, so that your visitors can get to know your work a little better.

Dra. Sirley Santiago


Website developed for Dr. Sirley Santiago.

Dr. Sirley Santiago was looking for a way to increase her Digital Presence and publicize her work. So, she relied on the efficiency of our team to make her wish come true!

The creation of this website was entirely based on the colors, font and shape of your logo (The double “S” from her name). We seek to create something totally harmonic, clean, direct and delicate…

As we said in one of our briefing meetings:”Less is more”! And it was based on that phrase that we managed to pass on to the digital universe the essence of his beautiful work.

DJ Erick Lossy


Website developed for DJ Erick Lossy.

In addition to increasing its digital presence on the internet, DJ Erick Lossy had as main proposal the dissemination of videos and photos of hid events.

Our team has developed the layout from your logo. We combine some elements like colors and fonts. The home page was created in the “One Page” style. In it, all content on the site is immediately displayed to the visitor on a single page. This is very useful because all content is already available on a single page for immediate visitors.

The whole site retains this style except for the “setlist” form. This was created so that your customers can send all the music they want to be played in your event!