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Project Description

Briefing Meeting

The brief is the compass of creation. It guides all the work that will be developed for the client. The better the brief, more efficient the process of creating the visual id. Most of the time the initial brief is done during a face-to-face meeting with the client. Additional briefs may be send by email or requested by phone / Skype / WhatsApp / hangout meetings, etc.

The Creation

Create a brand means visually transmit the area of action and values of the company. No brand is created at random, there is always a consistent story behind explaining the reason for a particular symbol, color or even the font. Successful brands can transmit their content simply and intelligently, with as few elements as possible.

Our Solution

After complete the first briefing with the client about the business profile and the positioning of your brand in the market, we present at least three different options so that the customer can make his / her choice more safely. If the customer does not like these options, we continue developing changes until their complete satisfaction.

Last Projects

Necessary Skills to Create a Visual ID.

Graphical Design

Good way to communicate visually a concept, an idea, through formal techniques.


Used to follow, explain, interpret, add information, synthesize or simply decorate a text.

Practical Examples (Mockups)

Model in scale or actual size of a project, used for demonstration, evaluation of design, promotion and other purposes.

Brand Strategy

Seek in the product or service of the brand, characteristics that allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition and meet your customer.

Final Result  + Customer Satisfaction