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Project Description

Are you ready for a responsive world?

Due to the great use of smartphones and tablets, the worldwide Internet has entered into a new phase. “Tied” sites to desktop computers are things from another century. The new Internet has become multi-device, your TV, your watch, phone, tablet, and obviously your computer, access the internet. The world has just entered in the responsive era. Will you wait for your competitors to step out in front of your company?


PC´s – Web 2016

PC´s 49%

Smartphone – Web 2016

Smarts 45%

Tablets – Web 2016

Tablets 5%

Gadgets – Web 2016

Gadgets 1%

Responsive Design = Art

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Intuitive Usability

Intuitive usability has become a fundamental requirement in website and system development. Services and functions should become as simple as possible. The key of intuitive usability is to provide your customer a simple and convenient navigation.

Less is More

Insert too many elements disrupts the usability of your site. A polluted layout, with many animations, images, pop-ups, banners besides not being intuitive, is not friendly or even cool. Many elements make it difficult for users to navigate. Keeping your site “clean”, practical, with the important information highlighted is the best option.