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Project Description

Law Firm’s Responsive Website has been developed for Galvão and Bernardes successfuly.

The partners realized that to leverage their business, they needed to establish their digital presence. United in this project, the two also sought to get in touch with their customers and that they could have a greater proximity to them online. To give solutions to the wishes of the members, we’ve created a special page of “Client Area”. There, they can log in and have access to restricted information beyond the public website for visitors.

There is also a page related to the areas in which lawyers act. It serves to explain exactly how the partners work, so there is no more doubts. The site also has a blog. Thus, Galvão and Bernardes can keep their visitors and their clients always updated of the law’s universe. Many people have doubts whether lawyers may or may not have their own websites. The right answer is yes, but you must comply with all the established rules. We at i22, we care a lot about our customers. The website of the Law Society was fully developed within the standards of the OAB. Thus lawyers can rest assured about their Digital Presence.

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